Explore VR Learning in Supply Chain Management!

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Taylor G.
ASU's W. P. Coffee VR experience revolutionizes supply chain management learning, showing significant academic improvements and offering inclusive, immersive education.
  • ASU’s innovative VR program for supply chain management offers practical, immersive learning inside a virtual coffee shop.
  • Dreamscape Learn demonstrates increased student success through VR’s narrative-driven educational approach.
  • VR education at ASU is inclusive, effective, and prepares students for careers in design and immersive technologies.

Arizona State University is reshaping education in supply chain management through an innovative Virtual Reality (VR) program called W. P. Coffee. Developed in collaboration with Dreamscape Learn, the VR experience places students inside a virtual coffee shop, enabling them to make business decisions regarding machinery, staffing, and design in real time, with immediate feedback on financial outcomes. The immersive simulation transforms theoretical knowledge into practical skills, deepening student engagement and boosting their understanding.

Through Dreamscape Learn’s storytelling approach to education, the program has shown promising results. Students are more likely to excel, as evidenced by improved grades in biology courses utilizing VR. This success heralds a new era of inclusive and effective learning that transcends traditional classroom boundaries.

ASU aims to expand these experiences to additional courses, ensuring that technological advancements in education serve all students equitably, fostering both academic success and preparation for future careers in game design and immersive experience development.

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