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In today's market, a simple thank you goes a long way. With Perk, show gratitude to your customers by giving them access to over 500,000 exclusive deals and savings. It's an affordable way to reward their loyalty and enhance their everyday savings.

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We build your Branded Program

Our team configures a custom white-label Perk Program with your branding, content, and in less than two weeks.


You promote your Employee Perks Program

Kickstart your campaign by promoting your new program to your audience or customers. We make it easy with personalization tools, automation and a launch promo toolkit.

Everybody Wins

We make it easy to
show your appreciation with

discounts & coupons

🛍️ Shopping

🍜 Ramen

🍕 Pizza

💻 Laptops

🍔 Burgers

🏛️ Historical Activities

📱 Smartphones

🛫 Flights

🕶️ Sunglasses

👠 Shoes

🍣 Sushi

⚓ Cruise Packages

👖 Jeans

🎟️ Concert tickets

💍 Jewelry

🖼️ Museum Visits

📚 Books

🍦 Ice Cream

🚂 Train Rides

🍷 Wine

🛋️ Furniture

🎧 Headphones

🚲 Bicycles

💄 Makeup

⌚ Watches

🥘 Cookware

🍝 Italian Food

🧸 Toys

🛢️ Oil Changes

🚗 Detailing

🐠 Snorkeling

🧽 Car Wash

🌮 Tacos

🧘‍♀️ Yoga

🍼 Formula

💐 Flowers

🍫 Chocolate

🛎️ Hotels

🐾 Pet Toys

✈️ Travel

🎬 Movie Tix

⛽ Fuel

🎒 School Supplies

🏖️ Vacations

👟 Sneakers

🏈 Sports

Everybody Wins

From brands they know & love.

U.S. State & Canada
Online Deals
New Deals Monthly
Easy to use • Process

We handle the program, while you build loyalty.

Safe and Fast Payment

We use the world's leading payment system, Stripe, to collect payments from donors. Plus allow your organization to get automatic deposits weekly from all program net earnings.

100% Compliant & Scalable

Having worked with hundreds of Public Institutions and Not-For-Profits, we built our system to keep everyone compliant while driving revenue and engagement.

Real Customer • Stories

Hear from customers

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You can access over 500,000 coupons from more than 50,000 vendors.

Our offers span companies and businesses across the U.S and Canada.

You can choose to purchase access for your customers at any duration and get a discount for purchasing an annual license. 

Yes. Each user's access starts at less than $1 per month when you commit to a full-year license, and with volume, that rate gets even lower. Contact us below for more information. 

Every coupon is meticulously verified and kept up to date. Each offer is submitted from the business itself guaranteeing its usage. Plus, our team ensures that businesses are still operational and that the offers remain valid, with monthly updates.

We offer two methods: advanced purchases and direct fundraising or purchase right on our platform. Our platform serves as an all-in-one fundraising solution, enabling users to acquire a digital coupon book while deducting our fees and paying you the difference.

Alternatively, if you already have an existing system in place, we can function as the prize provider. We'll provide you with promo codes and a website link for user redemption.

Certainly, there's no need to modify your current fundraising systems. You can purchase access to our Coupon site in bulk. After purchase, we'll supply your team with a list of promo codes for distribution. The more you buy, the more cost-effective the codes become.

Free Features

AI Powered

Generate, edit and publish unique content by using AI platforms powered by ChatGPT 4, Babbage, Ada or Dall-E.

Custom Templates

Ability to understand and generate content in different languages allows businesses to expand their reach and appeal to a wider audience.

Payment Gateways

Our tools can help you generate any kind of content from product descriptions and blog posts to email newsletters and social media updates.

Pro Features

Voice Support

Our tools can help you generate any kind of content from product descriptions and blog posts to email newsletters and social media updates.


Securely process credit card, debit card, or other electronic payment methods by using PayPal, Square, Payoneer or Stripe.

Volume Based Pricing

Access to Support Tickets from your dashboard and update the entire platform with a single click. Effortlessly manage your customer service.

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