Making wellness rewarding

Introducing an innovative new platform that rewards patients while elevating health monitoring excellence.

Benefiting Everyone

Perks for your Patients

Aura Health Rewards is a seamlessly integrated RPM loyalty program designed to boost patient engagement and improve health outcomes.

Our innovative approach combines state-of-the-art health monitoring technology with a rewarding incentives system, encouraging patients to stay connected and actively participate in their healthcare journey.

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Key Program Features

Benefits to Patients

Simple to Use

Design interfaces for older users with clear text, large buttons, and simple navigation. With attention to detail, we will create enjoyable interfaces for everyone.

Full of Benefits

Apart from just offering rewards, we offer valuable content like recipes, tips, videos, and other resources to aid users in staying engaged and maintaining good health.

Real Rewards

From instant discounts to real Gift Cards and Sweepstakes for one-in-a-lifetime opportunities, Aura Rewards will motivate users to connect their devices on well above average levels.

Benefits to Aura

Key Competitive Advantage

No competitor has a program and strategy to improve engagement, results, and revenue from their partners and patients.

Stronger Sales Pitch

The Aura Rewards program provides benefits not only to patients but also to clinics. This program enhances the overall service offering, providing clinics with a key benefit.

More Vitals = More Revenue

Through gamification, better design, and rewards, we will increase your patient vital tracking to drive more wellness and revenue for everyone.

Benefits to Clinics

Aura will be the only RPM with a program that adds bonus offerings to Clinic's patients making the Clinic and Staff look like healthcare heroes.

New Patient Benefits

RPM Patients now have a perk with their doctor's orders by successfully logging their vitals.

Improved Loyalty

Aura Rewards will improve patient retention and loyalty by recognizing and rewarding patients for their participation and for choosing that Clinic.

Branded Portal

Aura Rewards integrates the Clinic name into the experience and rewards making the Clinic the focus and the Hero unlike other competitors.

Added Wellness Value

Outside of the clinic and doctors' incredible care, Aura Rewards passes tips, videos, and recipes focused on proven wellness best practices to extend patient care further.

Key Feature

Personalized Experience

We configure each clinic to have a branded experience that also personalizes content and copy to make patients feel recognized, motivated, and rewarded.

Do it Smarter

Strategic Approach

Our team will ensure that your new system undergoes continuous monitoring, testing, and improvement to optimize user engagement and results. We understand that each vital submission not only boosts revenue but also enhances patient wellness and the clinic's effectiveness.

Agile Updates
Goal Driven Design
Sample UI/UX
Instant Gratification

Automated Rewards

Our platform provides a smooth and effortless user experience by delivering tailored incentives and rewards to patients based on their actions and achievements. With our system eliminating the manual process of fulfilling these rewards, users are instantly gratified, leading to an increase in desired behavior and customer loyalty, ultimately improving patient reporting.

your turnkey loyalty department

Beyond Technology

We're a complete team of experts in design, marketing, strategy, and promotion, along with our technical capabilities. You can activate us to be your outsourced in-house loyalty department that will manage every aspect of this initiative, along with the technology.

Develop Promotional Materials

Create Beautiful Designs

Handle Clinic Onboarding

Patient Loyalty Customer Care

Total Patient Engagement Strategy

Aura App UI/UX Enhancements

Develop Marketing Campaigns to support sales to Clinics

Manage Loyalty Program Content

Optimize Communications

Ensure Compliance

Manage Sweepstakes

Find New Patient Perks

Support Users

Manage Communications

Fullfil Rewards

Feature Clinics

Promote Aura Rewards

Improve Engagement

Hone Strategy

Manage Users

Support Sale Team

Educate Patients

Evolve Platform

Increase Wellness Content

Motivate Patients

Turn-Key Team

Our team will manage every aspect of your program, including development, marketing, management, and fulfillment allowing you to stay focused on growth.

Development 👩‍💻Clinic Onboarding 🏥Management 👨‍💼Marketing 👋Strategy 💡Service 📞Gift Cards 💳Content ✏️Design 🎨Prizes 🎁

Helpful Immediately

Immediate Impact


We know getting this program live and promoted are key advantages for Aura. To help make an impact right away, here is what we will start on.

Promote New Offering

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Prepare customized sales presentations for your sales team to use in meetings with clients and prospects. Tailor the content to address the specific pain points of each audience, showcasing how the new feature will benefit them. Include engaging visuals and storytelling techniques to make the presentation memorable.

Develop a dedicated microsite or landing page focused on the new feature and its benefits. The microsite should provide comprehensive information, such as key benefits, testimonials, case studies, videos, and other relevant content. Use this as a central hub to direct your promotional efforts, and track engagement and conversions.

Design eye-catching sales flyers that highlight the key benefits of the new feature. Use concise messaging and appealing visuals to grab attention. Distribute these flyers at industry events, conferences, or client meetings. You can also share digital versions via email or as downloadable content on your website and social media channels.

Create a targeted email campaign highlighting the new feature and its benefits. Personalize the message to show how the feature addresses the specific needs of each client or prospect. Use an engaging subject line to grab attention and include a clear call to action.

Host live webinars or create pre-recorded demonstrations to showcase the new feature in action. This allows clients and prospects to see the benefits firsthand and ask questions. Promote the webinar through email, social media, and your website.

Create in-depth blog posts and case studies that outline the new feature, its benefits, and real-life examples of how it has helped other clients. Share these on your website, social media, and in email newsletters to provide valuable content and insights.

Expedite Development

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Prepare customized sales presentations for your sales team to use in meetings with clients and prospects. Tailor the content to address the specific pain points of each audience, showcasing how the new feature will benefit them. Include engaging visuals and storytelling techniques to make the presentation memorable.

Collaborate with stakeholders to identify and prioritize the most critical features for the project’s success. Focus on developing these high-impact features first, which can help shorten the overall development timeline and deliver value to users more quickly.

We have coupon offers and gift card vendors finalized and ready to be implemented proactively in anticipation of this activation and integration is already completed or underway into our core system.

The first version of Aura Rewards could live within a browser inside your App to expedite the first version being live while full integration is underway. 

The perks,
of Perk

We strive to be partners,
not just a platform.

Seamless Integration

We've joined our tech and support teams to give customers better, faster solutions. By bringing together the latest technology with skilled support staff, we've created a team that combines the best of both worlds.

Custom Solutions

We adapt our methods to fit your specific requirements, goals, and systems. We won't force our technology and tactics on you but rather complement and enhance your business.

Innovative & Agile

We are a dynamic and innovative team that embraces change and challenges. Through cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, we create solutions that exceed expectations.

World-class Support

We've joined our tech and support teams to give customers better, faster solutions. By bringing together the latest technology with skilled support staff, we've created a team that combines the best of both worlds.​

New in q2

Content Automation

We automatically source content, personalize it with the help of AI, and repurpose it to keep your content fresh and your users informed and engaged.

These world-class teams are already embracing Perk Studios

Make it Happen

Next Steps

Map System Integration

To be able to create an account, input your email address and password.

Develop Custom Perk/Aura User Experience

Simply input some basic information or keywords about your brand or product.

Launch and Manage

Our dedicated team will manage every aspect of your rewards and loyalty initiative completely on your behalf.

Real Customer • Stories

Ohio State University


Initiative Rates

At Perk, we aim to serve as your company's complete loyalty and customer engagement department. We are dedicated to providing top-notch talent, leadership, and expertise to act as partners and staff to help you outshine your competition. Our goal is to maximize the value and wellness of each patient and clinic.

Custom Perk Integration

Developing a custom Aura Rewards portal based on our shared concept that integrates fully with your ecosystem.

Perk Software License

Base hosting and support to maintain your custom activation and all integrations.

Program Management

We provide comprehensive management services to ensure your team's goals are aligned, and we oversee all clinics, patients, and integrated vendors. This service includes two full-time project leads to manage client, user and technical aspects of the activation.

Campaign Content Development

Our aim is to offer a dynamic experience that goes beyond rewarding patients for submitting vitals. We strive to keep them engaged with wellness tips, healthy and delicious recipes, and other fun content. Moreover, our team will develop promotional and marketing materials to help showcase the benefits of your new platform as outlined above.

happy and healthy natural looking middle aged Asian woman wearing glasses and smiling at camera

Patient Rewards &
Support License

The revenue potential of our program is incredible, thanks to the per-patient LTV. 

Each user license enables us to offer instant benefits, rewards, and content, encouraging your patients to register their vitals more frequently.

We’ve made adjustments to our model to help offset some initial fees while ensuring that you gain value and savings as the program continues to grow and thrive with a per-user fee that decreases with scale.

Each user fee includes the following:
growth savings

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